Signing Smart®: Beginner! (Birth-2 yrs.) Su/F17
"Miss Atena" Moore, Signing Smart Instructor
Fairlington Community Center: Room 127 (location map)
Saturday, 11:30 AM - 12:20 PM
07/01/17 - 08/19/17 (8 weeks)

Signing Smart®: Beginner Play Class (Birth - 2 yrs w/caregiver)

Winter 2017

Spring 2017 - on demand (or try our Zoo class!)

Summer 2017

Fall 2017

Signing Smart Treasure Chest 2 video clip!



Home Materials include:Signing Smart for Early Communication: Beginner HandbookSigning Smart Video Glossary with 135 signs, and The Treasure Chest: Vol. 1: children’s video with over 30 signs. A $40 materials fee is INCLUDED in the price of the class this term. Repeat students Home Materials fee includes another item of your choosing or I will reimburse you for the difference in your county fee paid.  

Signing Smart™ strategies integrate more than 150 American Sign Language signs into songs, games and activities developed to engage very young children and their parents. Research has shown that using American Sign Language with hearing babies and toddlers allows communication and spoken language to happen earlier and faster, while reducing frustration and tantrums. Most children have two to three words by 12 months, whereas Signing Smart™children typically have 25 signs and 16 words! Most children start combining words into two-word sentences by 20 months, whereas Signing Smart™ children typically do this by 11-14 months and some as early as six months! The National Institute of Health even found a 12-point IQ increase for eight year-olds who used signs as young children. More research, class pictures and family quotes at A non-refundable, non-discountable $40 home materials includes Signing Smart™ for Early Communication, Signing Smart™ Video Glossary and The Treasure Chest: Vol. 1 children’s video.  A $40 non-refundable materials fee is included in the cost of the class for materials.

Location: Fairlington Center (3308 S. Stafford St. VA 22206)

Instructor: "Miss Atena" Moore :) in training to be an ASL translator

Ages: Birth -  2.5 yrs.

Sessions: 8 (make-ups encouraged!)

Cost: Total $177, which includes $40 of materials pictured above: Signing Smart® for Early Communication handbook, Signing Smart® Video Glossary, and The Treasure Chest: Vol. 1 children’s video!

Summer Date & Registration Code:   410200A Sat., Jul. 1, 11:30am-12:20pm for 8 weeks over 9 weeks

Fall Date & Registration Code:    110200A  Fri., Sep. 22,  9:30-10:20a.m.

Also, upon demand at your site or home! 

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