Parent Child U: Signing Smart Parent Workshop F19

"Miss Tracey" Kretzer, MS, PCLC, LPSC
Fairlington Community Center: Room 100 (location map)
Mon - Sat, TBA
07/20/19 (1 day)

Signing Smart®: Parent & Childcare Provider Workshop!


Parent Child U®: Signing Smart Parent/Provider Workshop

The Signing Smart Workshop is for expectant parents or parents new to signing with their baby as well as for those who have already started and are looking for support during the early phases of childhood. This workshop teaches the research proven Signing Smart strategies and techniques, how many and which signs to use in the early stages, when to add more and how to recognize your child's version of signs. Through instructor presentation, interactive activities, discussions and video examples, you will learn 50 American Sign Language (ASL ) signs as well as tools, strategies and resources that will enable you to experience the success of Signing Smart! Visit to see signing video clips. Adults only (nursing moms may bring infants only if necessary). A non-refundable $19 fee is included in the cost of the workshop for home materials, including the award-winning Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers: A Parent's Strategy and Activity Guide.


Ages 18-99                              1 Session            $40 (includes $20 of materials)

  140202A  Sat., Sep. 28,  1:30-4:30 p.m.

  Fairlington Center.  Inst.: Kretzer