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Does it feel like you need a degree to raise a child these days? We are here to help! We offer classes for parents, classes for children, training for teachers, and fÜn for all! Our goal is to help you and your child reach your child's full potential and have fÜn!


"Miss Tracey" Kretzer, MS, Professional School Counselor & Parent Child U Founder at Conscious Discipline Conference, July 2008


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Our Goal at Parent Child Ü It is our goal to help children and families. To learn more about our various programs please subscribe to our email list below. Thank you for being visitor number




What's New

Classes Begin 9/22! Demos 9/27!

Register for our Fall term under MOVEMENT or SOCIAL SKILLS and KRETZER. Fall classes fill fast! Choose from our full CLASS LIST of 7 Saturday parent-child classes or 1-day parent-child or 2.5-hour parent/teacher seminars! We offer Positive Discipline & Signing Smart Seminars, Kindermusik (Foundations Cuddle & Bounce (0-23 mos.) / Level 1: Sing & Play (12-35 mos.) / Family Time (0-5 yrs.)/ Playdate (0-5 yrs.) & Signing Smart (Beginner/Intermediate/Zoo/Holiday) parent-child play (0-2 yrs.) music & ASL classes or parent coaching appointments!  See our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS and Click HERE to REGISTER! 

Positively Disciplined 12/8 1:30



Parents & Teachers, register and come to Fairlington Center, Saturday, 12/8/181:30-4:00 p.m. Come discipline yourself and your 0-12 year-old child! Learn tips heralded by the best in the field and share your ideas and concerns too! Be absolutely, positively confident knowing you are helping your child be the responsible adult you know they can become!


Signing Smart Beginner/Intermed.

Signing Smart online store!

Click for 0-2.5 yrs! Join us for our Signing Smart! Either Parent-Child or Parent-only Workshops or Child Care Provider Workshops or Zoo & Holiday & Beginner & Intermediate too! Signing Smart: Beginner 7-week Sat. 9/22-11/10 9:30-10:20 or Signing Smart: Intermediate 7-week Sat. 9/22-11/10 12:35-1:25 class this fall.  REGISTER under MOVEMENT and KRETZER and FAIRLINGTON. Can't make class or want to learn more? Check out our award-winning DVDs, CDs, board books, handbooks, and flashcards at our Signing Smart Store!


KI:Foundations Cuddle&Bounce 0-1

Come to Foundations Cuddle & Bounce with your Birth - 23.4 month-old child with our Village-like Foundations curriculum for babies with more affordable & green digital home music & materials (CDs will be given if you want them too)! Enjoy music, American Sign Language, instrument, parachute and scarf play, and more! Register for Fall's 7-week Sat., 9/22-11/10 (skipping 10/6 for Columbus Day weekend)11:35-12:25. REGISTER Today! 


KI: Level 1 Sing & Play 1-2yrs.

Come have a Level 1 experience an Our Time-like class your 1's & 2's toddler! Come sing, play, move, sign, and play with our parachute, instruments, and friends! All new more affordable, green digital home music & materials included in your class price (CDs if you want too)! Register for our Fall's 7-week Sat., 9/22-11/10 (skipping 10/6 for Columbus Day weekend) 10:30-11:20. REGISTER Today!  


Kindermusik Holiday Sing-a-Long!

Join us for our 2nd annual Kindermusik Holiday Sing-a-long for children ages 0-5 years and their loving caregiver/s! Choose from our Best of Kindermusik CD or our Kindermusik Joy to the World CD! Bring in the holiday season! Join us December 8th 10:30-11:20 or 11:30-12:20. This class always fills early. Register today to save your spot!


Come to a FREE Preview Class!

No registration required for FREE Demo Classes - just come! Fall classes run Sat. 9/22-11/10! Join us for our adult 1-day Positive Discipline seminar on 12/08 at 1:30 or Signing Smart Parent/Teacher Workshops on 9/29 at 1:30, or parent-child 7-week Kindermusik Foundations (0's & 1's) Sat 11:35 and Level 1 (1's & 2's) Sat 10:30 or Signing Smart Beginner on Sat 9:30 or Intermedite classes on Sat. 12:35. Please join us and bring a friend! Register Today! We do accept late registrations, but cannot prorate, but do encourage make-ups!

PCU Birthday Party= "Priceless!"

Birthday Parties at Parent Child U are affordable and fun! We handle all of the entertainment & gift bags so you can concentrate on your birthday child and/or your holiday guests! Rates start at $175/$150 for PCU families, which include $75 of 9 gift bags, which include a CD or downloadable music card, an instrument, story book, and free preview class coupon! This includes a Kindermusik celebration at your choice of location - chuck full of songs, instrument & parachute play, and memories for a lifetime! Print Your Contract and SAVE your PARTY Date TODAY!  Dates filling fast!


Kindermusik Family Time! 0-5 yrs


Click!    Come to Family Time. Our class price includes your music, stories, and CDs! This class is very similar to Sing & Play (1's & 2's) and is my favorite class to teach! Family Time siblings under 9 mos. and over 5 years are FREE with a registered sibling! Back this winter!


Is Kindermusik 4 U? Video Demos!

Curious why we divide by age (or don't in Family Time?:) See the hyperlinks for videos of each clastype below! Then review our UNLIMITED Make-Up Policy! and see why families stay with us for years! Come join us for our FREE DEMOS and/or see an online demonstration class hereKindermusik: Family Time (0-5 yrs.) or Kindermusik: Cuddle & Bounce (0's & 1's) or Kindermusik: Sing & Play (1's & 2's) Call (571) 643-1002 or Register today!

ALL Parent Child U Programs!


PDF of all current programs to browse and share with ease!  Parent Child University: Teacher Training & Parent Education & Child Enrichment Programs.



Disney & Kindermusik Lion Guard!

       Come Rock & Roar with us!

       Click for video & song clip!

REGISTER here on our Demo Scheduler  for a FREE class Friday, 3/18 10:45-11:35 a.m. for children ages 2-5 with their loving caregiver/s! Bring a friend!


Spring Registration is Open!

Choose from our full CLASS LIST of 8 Fridays or 8 Saturdays or 1-day seminars! We offer Disney's NEW Rock & Roar classes, Positive Discipline & Kindermusik (Cuddle & Bounce / Sing & Play / Family Time  / Playdate) & Signing Smart (Beginner/Zoo/Holiday) parent-child or parent-only classes!  See our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS and Click HERE to REGISTER TODAY!


We ACCEPT Late Registrations!

Register today! Even though you have missed a class, you can make it up! Register for CLASSES (here) at Arlington Rec! Please note ALL classes now INCLUDE home material fees!


Come join our musical family and experience for yourselves the magic of Kindermusik! Demonstration classes during our current term give you a true feel for our classes. Schedule your FREE DEMO during our last 3 August classes!

Babies & Seniors!

Have you ever seen the eyes of our "greatest generation" light up when they work with our youngest ones? I have. Please give me a call to set up your Village with Seniors class today! See the Village with Seniors video here!

We Accept LATE Registrations!

Come join our class and make-up missed classes or come preview a class for next term! Come join our musical family each week! See our full CLASS LIST and REGISTER or fill out this FORM - AND submit it to Miss Tracey so I can give you instructor permission to join late! If your class is full, simply get on our Wait List (at no charge) and we may be able to open up new slots. We allow UNlimited MAKE-UPS! (within the term)!

Baby Joe (5 mos.) "MAMA CHANGE!"

Yes, right before Joseph turned 5 mos. old he started signing MAMA CHANGE! Two-word sentences are typical when children are 18-24 mos. old, but many Signing Smart babies begin using sentences as early as 6 months & in this case 5 months old! See for yourself PCU's own Baby Joe signs in Sentences Here!

8 week-old Joseph signs DADDY!

Yeah, I know you probably think I am crazy :), but, Baby Joe touches his head and says "Da" when my husband comes home AND when he plays with him AND as you can see from the clip, when we say, "Say DA DA with your hands!" Please feel free to pop into our Signing Smart classes for a free demo and see HOW easy, fUn, and amazing signing can be - in just seconds a day! Miss Tracey, Mom & PCU Founder

My 20-month old is Reading!

The typical non-signing, hearing child has 20-400 words by age 2, by 16 months-old my child could sign/speak in 5-word SENTENCES (video)! here signing CRY instead of crying! She now has started reading some words out loud! Thank you Signing Smart and Kindermusik for introducing me to the SIGNING SMART strategies. Miss Tracey :)

Playground Diplomat Speaks!

Video Clip of a Playground Diplomat by PCU!

NIH Study Shows Higher IQs

A study funded by the National Institutes of Health has shown that children who sign as infants are advanced linguistically and cognitively in preschool and have higher IQ’s in elementary school than non-signing children.

Signing Smart Increases Vocab

Wide-Eyed Learning recently completed their National Research study with over 165 infants. At 12 mos., Signing Smart children use an average of 25 signs and 16 spoken words, versus the 2-3 words non-signing children use. At 18 mos., Signing Smart children use an average of 79 signs and 102 spoken words, versus the 10-50 words non-signing children use. Between 11-14 mos., a majority of Signing Smart children begin using signed/spoken “sentences,” about 10 months earlier than is typical!

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