Holidays & NO Class Dates

Holidays & NO Class Dates so far... 2016

We have a skip date many semesters for various reasons - holidays, huge family events, etc. These are listed here and on our calendar (and often on your receipt). If cancel class for any reason other reason (sickness, weather), it will be automatically added on to the end of our term).                                              

However, if you miss a class, please remember that we allow you to make-up any parent-child enrichment class you miss at ANY of our other ongoing classes within the season you registered. This is a HUGE benefit of taking a Parent Child U class! Simply use our Make-up Class Scheduler!on the Home page of our Website under the CALENDAR & SCHEDULE tab! This is so if we have to cancel class we know who to contact and so we have the proper number in class.

Of the scheduled and running classes, there will be no class the following dates:



Fri.       06/17/16         Family Graduation 



Sat.     07/23/16          Hosting a Family Reunion!