Playground Diplomacy™

Playground Diplomacy™ 

Conflict Resolution by Parent Child U Since 2007

Taught at FCPS Intersession classes & Arlington County Recreation & playgroups in the DC area! 

Video Clip of a Playground Diplomat by PCU

Can't we all just get along?: Playground Diplomacy for preschoolers. (2/20/07) Filed Under: Local mama, early childhood educator/counselor, and founder of Parent Child University -  

Playground Diplomacy™  



Ages:  2 - 4 (Can be adapted at your site for 5-8)

Sessions: 5

Cost: $TBD

Day/Time: TBD

Class size: 4min/12max with caregiver

Location:  A preschool or child care center of your choosing

Instructor: Kretzer

Description: Created by an experienced elementary school counselor, parent educator and child enrichment specialist, this class is one of a kind!  Part play class, part parenting class, come explore conflict resolution topics through literature, puppets, music, ASL, movement, crafts, noncompetitive parachute and other games, and more. Come enjoy research-proven methods of learning child to child and parent to parent “Playground Diplomacy.”  Feelings, compliments, empathy, problem-solving, bully-busting tattling vs. reporting, anger management, stress, self control, and more will be explored. Come learn and have FUN!  Call (571) 643-1002 or email for more information or to set up a class at your child's local child care center or preschool.