Signing Smart®:Childcare Provider/Teacher Workshop

"Miss Tracey" Kretzer, MS, PCLC, LPSC
Private Home (location map)
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
01/19/19 (1 day)


Signing Smart™ Childcare Providers & Infant/Toddler Teacher Workshop

Signing Smart Treasure Chest 2 video clip! 




Home Materials include: award-winning Signing Smart with Babies and Toddlers: A Parent's Strategy and Activity Guide - for parents or caregivers to begin signing with their hearing infant or toddler, as well as for those seeking additional tools or activities. Photos of over 130 ASL signs and more than 70 fun interactive activities for the home or childcare setting. Also includes 2 Diaper-bag Dictionaries – your choice of 2: First Signs, Animal Signs, Food Signs, or Holiday Signs.

Ages: Adults. Perfect for child care providers, nannies, babysitters, and even grandparents who provide care for children ages 0-2.

Price: Starting at just $200 for 6 teachers and a 2-hour Power Point presentation and interactive session with one of our fabulous licensed Signing Smart instructors! An additional $45 Home Materials fee is required for each 3rd Teacher at one center cost and an additional $25 fee for each teacher over the original 6. At least one or two additional follow-up visits are highly recommended and priced according to time and travel costs. Ongoing child enrichment classes are also available to reenforce your efforts. Parent education seminars to teach the parents are highly recommended and make a huge difference in how soon children sign back!

Description: This Signing Smart Workshop is relevant for childcare providers and teachers of hearing infants and toddlers and is specifically geared towards those who work with multiple children simultaneously. More than just motivating teachers to sign with the babies and toddlers in their care, this workshop helps professionals develop a plan for successfully incorporating signs and research-proven Signing Smart strategies and techniques into their classrooms. By using group-orientated Signing Smart strategies, teachers will enhance spoken language skills, facilitate cognitive and emotional development, and take advantage of this powerful classroom management tool. As a result, teachers will notice a decrease in children's frustration, aggression, and tantrums, and an increase in constructive interactions and positive affect. Through instructor presentation, interactive activities and discussion, and video examples, you will learn simple but successful Signing Smart techniques that make signing a welcome addition to your work with children. You will learn the Signing Smart Start in a group setting, as well as how many and which signs to use as you introduce Signing Smart to your entire class. You will further learn how help children access your signs in the hectic environment of a classroom, how to implement our simple and successful strategies that make signing a breeze, as well as how to recognize what signs look like on children's hands.

Date: Available upon request for prearranged groups.

Time: Time to be determined.

Location: TBD

To Register: Call (571) 643-1002 or (888) 703-4PCU to arrange your own private session for your center or child care providers.