Why Families LOVE Our Classes!

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Miss Tracey, thanks for another wonderful experience you are a great model for me and so authentic I am really touched as a person and as a mother by the materials you present in your sessions. S adores you and especially gets a kick out of being the teacher's helper and I like that you encourage her to the come and teach me; she does use the techniques on me more than I use  them on her if I am flustered and loosing my cool she will remind me to do the balloon or the pretzel her 2 favorite destress techniques…. I really am deeply touched by your grace at seeing the parents struggle and the child’s struggle and your eloquence in modeling for us teaching examples with song dance toys a seeming chaos orchestrated to give us life like scenes from home, I am grateful I found you!

 my love and greetings to your family during the holidays

Jennifer Fanning,I Love U Ritual

Tracey , I can't thank you enough for coming to Lauren's party and helping her celebrate her birthday. She is still talking about it. We watch the video last night and Victoria was screaming Ms. Tracey, Ms. Tracey!   It wasn't until watching the video, that I realize what you had said, Lauren really did sit right by you and helped with everything!  So cute! Having you here was truly as the commercial says "priceless"....
Mary Beth Cremer, Our Time 2x

Tracey Kretzer is what makes our Kindermusik class so great! Her enthusiasm, skillful presentation, and positive way of interacting with the kids are why I continue to enroll my son in new sessions, and why he loves going to class! She is knowledgeable about teaching and how to be a role model, and effectively educates us parents as well!

Happy Village, Our Time, ABC Mom

We first started taking classes with you when Ellie was about 12 months old.  I wish we had started earlier.  Ellie had started pointing objects out to us but couldn’t share her experiences further.  Learning a few signs in your class really opened up the world for her.  However, not only did Ellie learn a lot, but she really enjoyed attending “class”.  When we couldn't take classes for a few months (due to scheduling) and instead took a different class, Ellie kept asking for "Miss Tracey".  What makes the difference between you and other teachers is your understanding and even encouragement of toddlers' needs to be active and engaged in each one's own way.

Sarah, Sign & Sing & ABC Mom

As a mom I find it hard to choose from a vast array of activities for the children.  A fun class that teaches conflict resolution, respect for others, and validation of emotions is definitely  worth a place in our busy family schedule. Maria Tsao, Psychiatrist, Mother of 2 children in Playground Diplomacy

Maria Tsao, Playground Diplomacy

I wanted to follow up from my son's birhtday party and THANK YOU for the great job you did with the kids.  With so much going on around them, it was a bit like herding cats, but you were awesome at it!  I received many comments on how wonderful it was to have you there.


Lauren, 1st Birthday Party Mom

During a pre-view class at our neighborhood playgroup, my one-year old daughter was immediately drawn to the music, the props and the teacher! Although we had been integrating signs at home, Miss Tracey’s classes (including Sing & Sign, the Signing Smart Parenting Seminar and Signing Smart Zoo Play Class) introduced us to strategies that increased our opportunities to incorporate signing into more of our everyday activities. We are thrilled each day when Holly communicates with a new sign, spoken word, or a combination of both! Even the grandparent’s have fun learning her signs! Jen & Greg

Jen, SS Zoo & SS Parent Workshop

Miss Tracey's classes are fun and educational. She is a very energetic and flexible instructor - which is important in teaching little ones! She makes you and your child feel at ease even it it's the first time you've been in an organized class together. She creates an environment that is great for learning and also gives parents the time to talk and share their experiences.

Katherine Murphy, Signing Smart

Miss Tracey is very good at this! I can tell she was a public school teacher, by how organized she is and how the lessons flow together, plus all the extras, like handouts and lyrics on the board. I enjoyed the advice about child development from Tracey…it was nice to know what my child was capable of doing, or rather, how the signs and learning would typically take place for a child around her age. The hello song was one my 10 month-old enjoyed… I liked the fact that the songs were repeated week to week and on the video because then the kids seem to be familiar with them.

Lona Klein, Sign & Sing Mom

My daughter is in her 3rd class with Tracey. She is a natural educator and Kindermusik has become an important part of my daughter's development. Tracey's experience with children is evident and we look forward to many years of Kindermusik.

Claudia Parry, Village & OT Mom

Miss Tracey is enthusiastic, involved, motivated, kind… much better than other trial Kindermusik classes I’ve attended. I have recommended the class based on the fact that I felt the instructor was so much better than other kids programs and classes available in this area.

Maurine Hedlund, Sign & Sing Mom

Miss Tracey is wonderful! My daughter started particpating in her program at 4 months old. I attribute her language skills and love of music (she is now 14 months old) to our participation in Kindermusic and the guidance of Miss Tracey.

Ashley Klick, Village & now OT

Tracey's excellent teaching style has helped us realize my daughter's potential. With Tracey's help, our daughter has exceeded even our expectations. We look forward to years of experience with Kindermusik under Tracey's tutelage.

Rita Enderle, Our Time Mom

Tracey is very knowledgeable and shares wonderful tips about kid's development throughout the class. She has great rapport with kids and makes them feel comfortable to have fun and learn right away. The hour flies by!

Ann Garcia, Our Time Mom

I just wanted to write to tell you not only how much joy our daughter is obviously getting out of the class, but also the rave reviews you received from our nanny. My nanny had absolutely rave reviews about you, about the class, and aboutand the other children's participation. (You should know it was she alone who put the ki-bosh on continuing our attendance at XXXXX ("too boring, too simple"), so I was anxious about her (and of course, my child's) reactions to this class. After a few hesitant toots on the harmonica yesterday, took to it amazingly well, and walked around the house with it, positively dancing and making lots of sound. Her dad and I were in stitches--she was really moving with her own music. And yes, we did see some tempo changes! Adorable.

Our Time Mom

My little man (four months) loves the Village class. He is awake the entire time, smiling and taking everything in.

Shannon Lisecki,Village, Sign&S

My overall impression (of the instructor) is a very positive one. It’s obvious that she cares for children and enjoys teaching. She’s friendly and generous.

Lisa Hoogasian, Village Mom

(I liked the weekly e-mail) …it showed your interest as an instructor in more than just the hour we’re with you on Wednesdays.

Sign & Sing Mom

I had originally signed up for Tracey's class because the timing worked for our schedule and I was curious to see what signing was all about. What we discovered in the class was a whole new way of interacting and learning that allowed my daughter to express herself in ways we never thought possible at her age. Signing has brought new delights, satisfactions, and playfullness into our family communications - even my daughter's grandmothers join in! We continue to sign with my daugher, even as she learns to speak and I am very grateful to Miss Tracey for introducing this new world to us.

Liza Lowe, Sign & Sing Mom

I liked the props to help with the singing and signing…I think it solidified the songs and signs in the parents’ minds and contributed to the fun for the kids. I liked the songs that dealt with daily activities (eating, sleeping. etc.) and ones that helped them learn how to express actions or daily use words.

Sign & Sing Mom

My daughter's vocabulary is incredible- she is a walking billboard for you!

Village Mom

...I just wanted to let you know that we LOVED your class; thank you so much, it was really fun and I think we got a lot out of it! I appreciate all the tremendous effort you clearly put into it.

Sign & Sing Mom

Thank you for an excellent class. We both enjoyed and learned a lot! Sofia now knows at least 20 signs and seems to be learning new ones more quickly. I'm not sure if we'll be able to take another class as I'm back to work. But, if not thank you again for the excellent instruction.

Susan, Sign & Sing Mom

Regarding the class: things I loved....
- you
- different books/music to keep it interesting
- incorporating the sign language, etc.
- the pictures that you can put on the wall (we still have our birds and the farm over the changing table and she now says owl or hoots and points and knows the cow, sheep, pig, etc.)

Village Mom

Today at the zoo Olivia was observing the pandas. She said "bear" and signed EAT and said "eat". Thanks for all of your pointers. I think it is finally starting to click and she is learning so many words a day. I think you called this a Language Explosion TM!

Jewel Marlowe, Mom of 12 mos.old

I wanted to tell you how wonderful your class was on Wednesday.  It's amazing how one hour can teach so much!  I swear I feel like a regular sign language expert all of a sudden.  Your mnemonic device tips to remember the signs are key.  I feel like I have this whole new way to communicate with my child!  I know he may not sign anything specific for a long time but I don't care - I love doing it! 

Lisa, Previewing Sign & Sing Mom

We started signing with our daughter, Molly, at about six months.  By her first birthday, Molly used more than 15 signs and spoke more than 15 words, including every morning’s ‘BYE BYE, DADDY.’  Signing with her has been a lot of fun, and we enjoy watching her pick up each new sign.  We’ve even caught her signing in her sleep!” 

Beth, 2 X Signing Smart Mom

I love Miss Tracey's kind and soft tone with the children. At our Brain Gym/Signing Smart/Kindermusik Preschool Tot Camp Demo we learned a lot of signs in a little time. Miss Tracey's presentation is great. Anyone who misses out will be sorry!

Miss Anita, Lubber Run Preschool

My daughter is signed up for your Wednesday Signing Smart class and your Friday Kindermusik class, so you will see plenty of her!  I did not realize we could make up classes on the weekend. I have been able to attend another class my child is currently taking on Fridays, but was not that impressed. My mom tells me your class structure, technique, and interaction with the children is far superior. Thanks for all your work!
Kirsten Ward, Signing Smart Mom

I can't remember if you told me about her or not, but I am reading a Becky Baily book called, Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline that is based on positive discipline and loving guidance, a concept she calls Conscious Discipline, and reminds me so much of you!  Thank goodness you got me started on my positive parenting journey cause I can't tell you how much I enjoy being an INFORMED parent - I wouldn't have it any other way! 


Lisa Bartley, Friend & Parent

My daughter lights up when we walk into class and see Tracey. She is encouraging, engaging, and informative during class, giving lots of developmental tips and other advice. I love watching my daughter dance and laugh through the classes.

Stacey Greer, Village parent x3

Tracey Kretzer, our Sign & Sing and Our Time instructor, is a vibrant, creative teacher, who keeps the activities constantly rolling to hold kids' attention and provide LOTS of fun!  I love how incredibly well my son responds to her patient, caring, and compassionate teaching style.  Thanks Tracey!

Happy Mom,Sign & Sing & Our Tim

My husband, daughter, and I attended a demo class last Saturday at Fairlington and LOVED it! Unfortuantely, my husband is ill and we've decided that the timing is not right to register our daughter, Lillian, for a class this fall semester. However, we are really looking forward to taking classes with PCU in the future, hopefully as early as next spring. Keep up the great work; this is an awesome program!
Happy Mom, Demo Class, Fall 08

Tracey Kretzer is what makes our Kindermusik class so great! Her enthusiasm, skillful presentation, and positive way of interacting with the kids are why I continue to enroll my son in new sessions, and why he loves going to class! She is knowledgeable about teaching and how to be a role model, and effectively educates us parents as well!
Happy Mom,Village, Our Time,ABC

Tracey, Just letting you know that my granddaughter's family has moved to Idaho and will no longer be available to participate in your wonderful classes.  I enjoyed sharing the classes with xxx and appreciated the music and sign language she was exposed to. May you continue to be blessed with success and appreciation for all that you provide in your classes.
Our Time & Signing Smart Grandma

Tessa loves listening to the CD in the car and recites Shoe Fly Pie along with it.  I wanted to buy the book, but couldn’t remember where to go to find it.  I went to the ParentChildU website and didn’t see the Kindermusik.com link to purchase it or your name to mention. Can you point me in the right direction? See you on Saturday – Tessa LOVES your class!!!!

Deborah Kassoff, ABC M&M Mom

Our Parent Child University class is so much fun and we've all learned so much.  Miss Tracey combines sign language, music and positive parenting lessons in such a fun and easy environment.  Through the music, my 15 month old is quickly picking up signs and communicating more easily at home.  Thank you , Miss Tracey!                         Lara, Kindermusik Family Time Mom of 4 year-old & 15 mos. old.

Lara, Family Time Mom of two

I wanted to express my gratitude, your class has helped X be less frustrated, when ever I change her diaper I sign change and she calms down.  Up till now she signs, hat, ball, fan, lights, car, bubble, bird, duck, book, nap, dog, and milk, not perfect but we understand each other.  I think your program is great and if I am still not working next semester I will be registering X again for the Signing Smart Intermediate class.  Have a great holiday!

Veronica,Signing Smart & Village