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Playground Diplomacy™

Video Clip of a Playground Diplomat by PCU


Kindermusik Hammocking Signing Simon from Sign & Sing

KIindermusik: Family Time: Music & Movement Story Time comes alive! Read and put the numbers on the Chicka Chicka 123 apple tree & then sing "Shake, Shake the Apple Tree." Research proves children learn best through multisensory experiences such as this one. Moving enhances the learning process.      


Kindermusik Family Time "Exploration Time" with Guiro, Boom Wackers, Fiddle Sticks & More!


Kindermusik Our Time  Foudations of Learning (FOL): Steady Beat" helps with everything from bouncing a ball to brushing your teeth to cutting with scissors and walking with confidence.


Kindermusik Our Time   Big or small sandblocks require eye-hand coordination! 


Kindermusik Our Time   Eggshakers are the BEST!  Looooong and short music & concept development. 


Kindermusik Family Time: Hammocking. Rocking enhances vestibular stimulation, which helps with balance, plus it's FUN!


Kindermusik: Family Time: The lap bounce, "We are clothes in a washing machine... we wiggle and giggle... and hang them out to dry!" os extended for full understanding and more fun.


Kindermusik Family Time "Jam" with a Lollipop Drum (2nd semester student)


Signing Smart

Signing Smart: Beginner Play class practicing the BALLs and BABY go IN and OUT :)